Reflections 'On Fractals and comics'

About 15-17 years ago I read Benoit B. Mandelbrot's book 'The Fractal geometry of Nature'. I remember that the prologue warned that the reader's view of the world would never be the same after reading this book.
Very dramatic and sort of true. However I think that anything you study in great depth will affect the way you view the world. Photography being no exception.

Now, people who do similar things get their views of the world changed in similar ways, which creates bonding and leads to the possibility of creating something new that is considered fun by this group of persons only. Which leads us to comic strips..

Aaron Johnson
, creator of the fantastically funny What the duck comic strip, was kind enough to allow me to use a few of his comic strips here in my blog.
Reading his comic strips got me thinking about how it would be good for everyone to try and have this kind of humor when dealing with weird customers.

What I like about many of Aaron's comic strips, is how he with three simple pictures manages to sum up typical situations that most photographers can relate to.

For those of you who found these sample comic strips funny I recommend that you visit Aaron's site,, and enjoy the rest! I for sure will keep an eye on it.
I can't help it, but I have to share one last comic below, which every photographer who doesn't have a DSLR with sensor cleaning will enjoy (I'm guessing and hoping that in a year or two people will not understand what's funny about this one!)